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Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Albuquerque Museum
Bare Tree Trunks with Snow, 1946
Through December 31, 2023
Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York
Camera Obscura: View of Lower Manhattan, Sunrise, 2022
Through December 9, 2023
Städel Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
Girl in Love With a Wound, 2020-21
Through February 4, 2024
Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA
Southland, 1936
Through December 10, 2023
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
Wisteria of Kasuga Grand Shrine, 2022
Through December 22, 2023
David Zwirner, New York
The Arbiters, 2023
Through December 16, 2023
Claire Oliver Gallery, Harlem, New York
Mrs. Johnson's Sunday Best, 2023
Through January 13, 2024


Lucian Freud
National Portrait Gallery, London
Girl in Bed, 1952