Mission Statement

Art enhances lives and is essential to an enlightened global community. I Require Art bridges the distance between the world's treasures and the many millions with limited access to them. I Require Art is dedicated to enriching lives through online exhibitions, high quality digital and physical products, unique programming and services through our online and mobile platforms.

About the Founders

Jules Cavanaugh

Founder, Jules Cavanaugh, created I Require Art in the summer of 2011. Since that time it has become one of the fastest growing arts platforms on Facebook.

Her curation, joined with perceptive insights as an artist herself, produced in I Require Art an exciting online presence that is now widely emulated. She is a sharp critic committed to introducing the global community to masterpieces at their most visceral level. These talents and attention to the site and social media savvy, are a boon to I Require Art's continued popularity and growth.

Ms. Cavanaugh, a mixed media artist, has participated across the country in solo and group exhibitions, in juried gallery and museum venues. She is a recipient of national and international awards and her artworks, commissioned and otherwise, are in a number of private collections. She holds a B.A. degree, having majored in art history.

Ms. Cavanaugh, I Require Art's Chief Curator, cultivates and applies a vision for how art can be presented in the 2000s.

Toby Byron

CEO, Toby Byron, is a prolific producer and marketer of the music arts on television for over twenty-five years.

With a ringside seat at the disruptive changes sweeping music, entertainment and print, Mr. Byron brings a refreshing and unique approach to I Require Art's business.

Highly-awarded as the producer of some of the most acclaimed music films of recent times, he is also an innovator in TV distribution joined with book and music in physical and digital formats worldwide. Definitive film biographies of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, James Brown and others set a new standard in historic music documentary. Entertainment specials, such as CBS' All Star Moms, combined television broadcast, celebrity and charity.

Mr. Byron's skills and deep background on all sides of music and entertainment, production, international sales/acquisitions, publishing, digital, intellectual property and live event promotion provide him with the experience and nimbleness called for by I Require Art's digital platforms, development and growth.

Mr. Byron is responsible for advancing I Require Art's business plan, development and vision.

Ms. Cavanaugh and Mr. Byron are co-owners of I Require Art.

Senior Technical Director

Robert Schaufelberger

Robert Schaufelberger has been programming for the web since its early days, when dial-up was the norm and Netscape 1.1 was the coolest thing around. After graduating from Cornell University in 2001, he started Deko Design, a New York-based web design and programming firm of which he is founder and president; working with a wide variety of clients in the visual arts, music, film, fashion, retail, hospitality, real estate and more.

Mr. Schaufelberger is particularly focused on art and inventory management. His custom-built database systems are in use by a number of artists, art galleries, art fairs, institutions, and private collectors. Mr. Schaufelberger brings rare skills and deep knowledge of technology and collection management to I Require Art as it expands its scope and audience.


Ashok Sabata

Ashok Sabata is President of Aginova Inc., a leading wireless sensor company focused on the consumer and business sectors. Since founding the start-up in 2002, Dr. Sabata has been engaged in product development from 2009 to the present. He was a principal at Metal Strategies Inc. overseeing technology, marketing and product (2002-2004) and from 1999-2002, Dr. Sabata held management and technology positions at the Silicon Valley start-up NehaNet, where he was also a Director. From 1989-1999, he was in engineering and business development at AK Steel Holding Corp. Dr. Sabata currently sits on the Board of Directors at Argus Tech, ALTAsense and Wavez. He earned his B.S. at IIT Bombay, 1985; his M.S. at Virginia Tech, 1986; his Ph.D. in Engineering at Colorado School of Mines, 1989. He has five patents and since 1986 has published over fifty technical articles in journals and at conferences.